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Doo Wop Desirables, Vol. 1

Various Artists

What a gem this CD is! A compilation of obscure sides, mostly of a high quality, and mostly from 1957-62. Several tracks are utterly wonderful and alone are worth many times the price of the CD. It features wailing ballads, bouncy up-tempo, black and white. And there is no dreary deadbeat fodder to make up the 30 tracks. No wonder the compilers put 'Baby Doll' by Del & The Escorts first. This is the white doo wop sound meets the girl group sound. A light airy and irresistibly catchy piece. It's a cut that will knock out many, and has appeal far beyond the confines of doo wop: if someone picked it up for a TV ad it could be a hit over 40 years after it was made! Timeless teen-doo wop music! The set continues with bright gimmicky numbers by black groups The V-Eights and The Contenders, before we are treated to the much loved 'Take A Little Longer, Son' (1961) by the black sounding yet white Imaginations. Soulful and plantive up-tempo. Then comes the fabulous 'Starlight' by The Preludes: mid-tempo, soulful tenor lead. Knowing our customers tastes i can just imagine the number who will write raving about this! An utter gas! The tempo then slows on track 6 for the lovely white teen sound of The Impacs' 'Tear In My Heart'. The Delroys are followed by one of the most loved Lymon-type records: The Schoolboys' 'Please Say You Want Me' from 1957 - a deliciously simple, pleading and dreamy ballad. The nice up-tempo tracks by The Caslons and The Tricks are followed by another star item: Bobby Pedricks' 'Maybe'. I was astonished to read in the liner notes that this is 1966, for it is totally at odds with the trends of the period, being a 100% soulful doo wop record. A thrilling male falsetto rendering of The Chantels' hit. Pedricks would later change his name to Robert John and score hits in the 70s and 80s. Next comes The Earls'-sounding 'Pleadge Of A Fool' by The Barons, preceeding 'China Girl' by The 4 Pharoahs: the best black up-tempo of the set. Everything a fast 1958 r&b harmony record should be. Many of you will go wild over this! Next follows sides by Tony Allen & The Twilighters (1961) and Zach Norman (circa 1958) before another thrilling falsetto-led ballad by The (Decca) Van Dykes, but there is a moment of distortion in the master at the bridge. 'Laurie, My Love' by The Val-Aires is a nice white ballad from 1960 and 1962 is the ever so catchy 'Hey, Moon' by Carl & The Spindletoppers - I cannot get this one out of my head! Why on earth wasn't this a hugh hit? I fully share the notes' enthusiasm for The Mascots' 'Lonely Rain'. a big times square seller: plantive haunting rhythm and delivery with shades of The Drifters 'This Magic Moment', Next, 'Never Let You Go' by The Ambers - a real gas. A big mystery is track 26, discovered in an unlabelled tape box. A lovely girl group ballad with a gorgeous Chantels' sound. Another girl group, The Luvs are here with a delicious ballad with the backing girls chanting the chorus of The 5 Satins' 'In The Still Of The Night' White group fans are in for another treat with The Fabulous Blends' bright and catchy 'Starlight, Starbright' - try and get this one out of your head! The set closes with a fabulous ballad 'Listen To My Heart' by The Cordials; and then.... The Seasme Street Doo Wahs! The kiddies show christmas tune 'Counting The Days' is apparently much sought after - and the perfect vehicle for giving six-year olds their first taste of doo wop. Other acts here are The students, Itels, the later Teardrops, the white Temptations, Ray Sawyer. This disc on Yeaah! was supposed to be the first volume in a series, but alas the label folded.

1.  Del & The Escorts - Baby Doll
2.  V Eights - Everything That You Said
3.  The Contenders - The Clock
4.  Imaginations - Wait A Little Longer Son
5.  Preludes Five - Starlight
6.  Impacs - Tears In My Heart
7.  The Del Roys - Love Me Tenderly
8.  The Schoolboys - Please Say You Want Me
9.  Caslons - Settle Me Down
10. Tricks - My One Desire
11. Bobby Pedrick - Maybe
12. Barons - Pledge Of A Fool
13. Ray Sawyer - Bells In My Heart
14. The 4 Pharaohs - China Girl
15. Temptations - Fickle Little Girl
16. Tony Allen And The Twilighters - Come-A, Come-A, Baby
17. Zack Norman - Hey Doll
18. Van Dykes - Come On Baby
19. Val Aires - Launie, My Love
20. Carl And Spindletoppers - Hey Moon
21. Teardrops - Let's Dance
22. The Mascots - Lonely Rain
23. The Ambers - Never Let You Go
24. Itels - Star Of Paradise
25. Students - That's How I Feel
26. Unknown Artist - Now Is The Time (To Love Me)
27. Fabulous Blends - Starlight, Starbright
28. The Luvs - We Kiss In The Shadows
29. Cordials - Listen To My Heart
30. Sesame Street Doo Wahs - Counting The Days

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