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McDaniels, Gene

The Point Of No Return
The Sultans
1.  How Deep Is The Ocean - The Sultans
2.  Good Thing Baby - The Sultans
3.  I Cried My Heart Out - The Sultans
4.  Baby Don't Put Me Down - The Sultans
5.  Boppin' With The Mambo - The Sultans
6.  What Makes Me Feel This Way - The Sultans
7.  If I Could Tell - The Sultans
8.  My Love Is So High - The Sultans
The Admirals
9.  Oh Yes - The Admirals
10. Left With A Broken Heart - The Admirals
11. Close Your Eyes - The Admirals
12. Give Me Your Love - The Admirals
Gene McDaniels - The Singles
13. Once Before
14. Come On Take A Chance (Take A Chance On Love)
15. She's Come Back
16. Chapel Of Tears
17. Point Of No Return
18. Warmer Than A Whisper
19. Spanish Lace
20. Somebody's Waiting
21. Merletti Spagnoli (Spanish Lace)
Tower Of Strength - Gene McDaniels
22. I Almost Lost My Mind
23. (There Was A) Tall Oak Tree
24. He
25. I Don't Want To Cry
26. Funny
27. He's Got My Sympathy
28. A Little Bit Of Soap
29. The Secret
30. You Can Have Her
31. Raindrops
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