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Brewer, Teresa

Longing For You

1.  Punky Punkin

2.  A Penny A Kiss A Penny A Hug - Teresa And Snooky Lanson

3.  Hello - Teresa And Snooky Lanson

4.  If You Want Some Lovin'

5.  I’ve Got The Craziest Feeling

6.  Longing For You

7.  Noodlin' Rag

8.  Roll Them Roly Boly Eyes

9.  Rhode Island Redhead

10. Hello Bluebird

11. Dancin' With Someone

12. Breakin' In The Blues

13. Into Each Life Some Rain Must Fall

14. Too Much Mustard

15. The Glad Song - Teresa And Don Cornell

16. What Happened To The Music - Teresa And Don Cornell

17. Too Young To Tango

18. Our Heartbreaking Waltz

19. I Guess It Was You All The Time

20. Le Grand Tour De L'amour

21. Skinnie Minnie

22. I Had Someone Else Before I Had You

23. Danger Signs

24. Au Revoir

25. My Sweetie Went Away

26. Time

27. Chicago Style

28. The Moon Is On Fire

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