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Finbarr Golden Treasury Of Doo Wop Vol. 7

Various Artists

There's not a series like it! The Definitive series for the deep Doo Wop fan!

Wallow in the sounds of the most marginalised and neglected music of all! The lost secret corner sound of urban America!

James F. Cullinan writes: The music slew me as a lad and I was never quite able to get over how American teenagers ditched it overnight - abandoning it for good!

But the music lives on through us, between you and me. And because of us others will hear it and it will live on. Forgotton, marginalised, lost - but it will live!

This 30-track set is gonna knock you dead! Black & white groups, the usual '50s and quite a spattering of 1960-63. This set takes no prisoners: it puts your life on hold!

It kicks off with the '56 Pearls booter 'Let's You & I Go Steady' with knockout tenor sax solo, followed by another New York killer, 'The Chordells' 'Here's A Heart For You' with urgent rhythm and busy harmonies.

'Tell Me Why' by The Rob Roys is another lively item, again puncuated by a hot sax middle-8. The Belmonts later did a nice job of it, but the original still has the edge!

Dig The Paragons & The Jestaers? Then The Vanguards' Moonlight' will slay you; pure and beautiful '58 New York harmony!

Chantels lead provides duel harmony on Willie Wilson's haunting, soulful 'I've Lied', whilst the girl group itself is here with the plaintive bluesy 'Every Night', a worthy follow up to 'Maybe'. Another New York-sounding '56 rhythmic number, styled after Frankie Lymon, is 'Foolish Fool' by Ben Zeppa & The Zyphyrs: the drum beat would convince you it was NYC - but no, it was L.A.!

Definitely New York is The Five Discs' 'I Remember', also up-tempo but with a slight melancholic feel.

'Moonglow, You Know' by The Videos is pure class. Atmospheric, soulful: worthy of The Flamingos. By contrast, Lee Andrews & The Hearts' 'Lonely Room' is crudely produced, but packs emotion and power.

It's back to class with 'The Way You Look Tonight'. The song, much favoured by R&B harmony groups, has never been bettered by The Jaguars version here. Spine-tingling!

A killer-thriller is 'Pleading For Your Love' by The 4 Dots; ethereal, yearning, emotive.

The package also includes The Paragons, Danleers, Charts; plus several ultra-rare goodies we've never seen on other compilations, legal or otherwise!

West Coast, East - you got it!

Put in on your player, immerse yourself in the sound. It sure beats the hell out of anything you'll hear on the radio today!

1.  The Pearls - Let's You And I Go Steady
2.  The Charts - Dance Girl
3.  The Rob Roys - Tell Me Why
4.  The Vanguards - Moonlight
5.  Willie Nelson & The Tunemasters - I've Lied
6.  The Gothics - Marilyn
7.  Ben Zeppa & The Zephyrs - The Foolish Fool
8.  The Chantels - Every Night (I Pray)
9.  Alvin Gaines & The Themes - Cross My Heart
10. The Fabulous Pearl Devines - So Lonely
11. The Persians - Tears Of Love
12. The Five Discs - My Baby Loves Me
13. The Paragons - Stick With Me Baby
14. The Videos - Moonglow, You Know
15. Lee Andrews & The Hearts - Lonely Room
16. The Five Discs - I Remember
17. The Neons - My Lover
18. Herman Gillespie - Have A Good Time
19. The Dell Vikings - I Want To Marry You
20. The La Rells - I Just Can't Understand
21. The Paragons - Hey, Little School Girl
22. The Jaguars - The Way You Look Tonight
23. Troy Dodds - Count Of Love
24. The Chordells - Here's A Heart For You
25. The Bel Larks - A Million And One Dreams
26. Johnny Knight & The Kingsmen - Secret Heart
27. Johnny Walker - Beginning Of The End
28. The Danleers - Wheelin' And A Dealin'
29. The Four Dots - Pleading For Your Love
30. The Charters - I Lost You

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