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Fool Britannia

Various Artists

1963 Top Ten album featuring Peter Sellers, Anthony Newley & Joan Collins. Merciless satire of the Profumo scandal. Plus bonus tracks from Mandy Rice-Davies & Miss X.

1.  Countess Interruptus
2.  Eugenius
3.  Mightier Than The Sword
4.  The Common Market
5.  The House That Mac Built
6.  The Secret Service
7.  There Goes That Song Again
8.  There's No Business Like No Business
9.  They Only Fade Away
10. Twelve Randy Men
11. Two Old Ladies Locked In Conversation
12. Vice Italian Style
13. We Are Not Amused
14. Whatever Happened To John And Martha
15. Wry On The Rocks
16. Christine
17. S.E.X.
18. You've Got What It Takes
19. Close Your Eyes
20. All I Do Is Dream Of You
21. A Good Man Is Hard To Find

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