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Brown, Charles

The Cool, Cool Blues Of

Disc 1

1.  Johnny's Boogie              
2.  It Ain't Gonna Be Like That               
3.  With My Heart In My Hand             
4.  I Want You, I Need You            
5.  Bobby Sox Baby              
6.  Pasadena               
7.  Driftin' Blues              
8.  Why Is Love Like That?              
9.  Be Fair With Me              
10. So Long              
11. You Left Me Forsaken               
12. Merry Christmas Baby              
13. More Than You Know              
14. Walkin' In Circles            
15. If You Don't, Why Don't You            
16. I'm Looking For Love              
17. Get Yourself Another Fool              
18. A Long Time              
19. It's Nothing             
20. Trouble Blues             
21. In The Evening (When The Sun Goes Down)           
22. Homesick Blues             
23. My Baby's Gone              
24. Again             
25. How High The Moon? 

Disc 2
1.  Black Night              
2.  I'll Always Be In Love With You (1951 Version)              
3.  Seven Long Days               
4.  Don't Fool With My Heart             
5.  Hard Times               
6.  Still Water              
7.  Baby Do You Know The Game?               
8.  Evening Shadows             
9.  I Lost Everything               
10. Lonesome Feeling              
11. Cryin' And Driftin' Blues             
12. Cryin' Mercy               
13. Honey Sipper               
14. Fool's Paradise               
15. Hot Lips And Seven Kisses             
16. Please Don't Drive Me Away               
17. I'll Always Be In Love With You (1956 Version)             
18. Merry Christmas Baby (1956)               
19. I Wanna Go Home               
20. Educated Fool               
21. Love's Like A River             
22. Sing My Blues Tonight               
23. Please Come Home For Christmas (Christmas Finds Me Oh So Sad)             
24. Merry Christmas Baby (1961 Version)             
25. Please Come Home For Christmas

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